Investing in Fund Focused on the Healthcare Sector in Africa

Aug. 22, 2022
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) participated in Africa Innovation & Healthcare Fund (hereinafter, “AHF 2”), which is managed by AAIC Investment Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter, “AAIC”). AHF 2 is a fund which supports the growth of innovative companies in Africa, especially in the healthcare sector.

In Africa, the economic growth and non-infectious diseases due to resulting lifestyle changes are expected to increase. Despite these predictions, the supply of pharmaceuticals and healthcare infrastructure remains insufficient. Therefore, in recent years, in addition to the need for medical services (ex. general hospitals, specialized clinics, etc.), opportunities in the healthcare sector have been increasing, such as AI diagnostics, telemedicine, etc., with the spread of smartphones among the younger generation.

Marubeni will contribute to Africa through the development of businesses in healthcare and related sectors by participating in AHF 2.

About AAIC:
Official name: AAIC Investment Pte. Ltd.
Group locations: Singapore (HQ), Tokyo, Nairobi, Lagos, Johannesburg
Establishment: 2013
Representative: Susumu Tsubaki
Business description: AAIC’s main activities are fund management and business incubation.
Since 2014, AAIC has been providing management support for Japanese corporate venture capital (CVC).
In 2017, it established the first Japanese fund specializing in Africa (Africa Healthcare Fund: AHF).
Outline of funds: AHF 1 (Africa Healthcare Fund)
Investments in healthcare and related sectors in Africa.
AHF 2 (Africa Innovation & Healthcare Fund)
Investments in the healthcare and innovation sectors in Africa.
Website: https://aaicinvestment.com