Additional Investment in Circ, Inc., a Company with Revolutionary Textile Product Recycling Technology

Jul. 14. 2022
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), through Marubeni America Corporation, has made additional investment in Circ, Inc (formerly, TYTON BioSciences LLC; hereinafter, “Circ”), a company that has invented prominent technology for recycling products with any blend of cotton/polyester into cellulose and polyester materials.

Marubeni initially invested in Circ in August 2019 to solve social and environmental issues such as textile waste disposal. Since then,Circ has steadily worked to verify the quality of recycled products at a pilot plant. As demand for capital to construct mass-production plants has been increasing, Marubeni participated in this recent round of capitalization, along with Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, and Milliken & Company, a leading American textile manufacturer and materials company.

Marubeni will focus on accelerating the reduction of waste and the materialization of a circular economy* by establishing a domestic and pan Asian supply chain, from waste collection to selling recycled products, utilizing Marubeni’s global network and Circ’s technology.

Marubeni released its Mid-Term Management Strategy “GC2024” in February 2022, which focuses on becoming a “Forerunner in Green Business” by “Expanding Green Business” and “Creating New Green Business.” Marubeni will continue to deliver products and services in accordance with consumer and customer demands and requirements in the environmental field, contributing to solving social and environmental issues for sustainable growth in the textile industry by establishing a circular supply chain through recycling textile products and fully integrating them into the garment supply chain.

*Circular Economy:
A business model in which products, components, and resources are fully utilized and can be cyclically recycled or reused, rather than a one-way economic system which is based on extracting and then discarding resources.

Overview of Circ
Company name: Circ, Inc.
Head Office: Virginia, U.S.A.
Establishment: November 2011
Representative: Peter Majeranowski
Business Area: Manufacture and sale of recycled textile materials
Website: https://circ.earth

Circ Promotional Video: Scope #32 | Circ (formerly TYTON BioSciences)