Organizational Change, Personnel Change, and Update on the Marubeni Group’s Russia-related Business

Apr. 21. 2022
Marubeni Corporation

The Marubeni Group announces the following organizational change, personnel change, and update on the Marubeni Group’s Russia-related business given the crisis situation in Ukraine.

Ⅰ Organizational Change (As of April 21, 2022)

The Kiev Liaison Office* will be renamed the Kyiv Liaison Office.*

Ⅱ Personnel Changes

Name Current (As of April 21, 2022) Formerly
Yasuhiro Ashitani General Manager,
Kyiv Liaison Office*
General Manager,
Kiev Liaison Office*

*This change is in line with the Japanese government announcement to change the Japanese name of Ukraine’s capital from Kiev (キエフ) to Kyiv (キーウ).

Ⅲ Update on the Marubeni Group’s Russia-related business given the crisis situation in Ukraine

We, the Marubeni Group, are deeply concerned about the situation in Russia and Ukraine, and we are terribly saddened that numerous innocent civilians are having their safety threatened and being forced to endure extreme anxiety. We hereby express our deep condolences to the many people who have lost loved ones or suffered displacement, illness, or injury due to this crisis. We are strongly supporting international diplomatic efforts to reach a peaceful solution, and we sincerely hope that the situation improves and is resolved quickly through these efforts.

We will continue to monitor and strictly comply with all sanctions imposed on Russia by the Japanese government in cooperation with the international community. Furthermore, we will not engage in any new Russia-related business, and we will negotiate terminations of existing transactions wherever possible.

As we continue to gather information and carefully examine the situation, including responses to individual projects, we will take appropriate measures consulting with related parties, including government entities, while keeping the safety of people worldwide our top priority.