Launch of “Image Analysis Software VIDA Insights” to Support Diagnosis of Chest CT Images in Japan

Apr. 13. 2022
Marubeni Corporation

CLAIRVO TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. (hereinafter, “Clairvo”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, has obtained market authorization for VIDA Insights, an image analysis software to assist in the reading of chest CT images developed by VIDA Diagnostics Inc. (hereinafter, “VIDA”) (the “Product”) in accordance with the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (“PMD Act”). The product is Clairvo’s first certified under the PMD Act; Clairvo has begun marketing and selling the product since April 2022.

Medical imaging, such as X-ray and CT images, is used by medical institutions for diagnosis of diseases, determination of treatment plans, and follow-up after surgery. In recent years, the number of medical images taken has been increasing rapidly due to the growing health consciousness of people and technological innovations in imaging equipment, and the burden on physicians who give diagnoses has also been increasing.

The Product empowers physicians with quantitative data and impactful visualizations aimed to raise quality of care. For example, it provides care teams with low, high, and normal values for tissue density*1 in each lung lobe from chest CT images and provides easy-to-understand information on the entire lung visually using proprietary technology. It is certified as a medical device in the US, EU, Canada, and Australia where it has been accepted into clinical workflow by major medical institutions

Through Clairvo, Marubeni will contribute to solving issues in Japanese healthcare by providing superior products that support medical institutions.

*1 CT produces images based on an X-ray dose that passes through the body. Areas that are easily penetrated by X-rays are called low-absorption areas and generally appear black on the image, while areas that are not easily penetrated by X-rays are called high-absorption areas and generally appear white on the image.

Product Post-Analysis Image Product Post-Analysis Image
VIDA Company Profile
Company Name : VIDA Diagnostics, Inc.
Head Office : lowa, U.S.
Establishment : 2004
Representative : Susan Wood
Business : Development of imaging solutions and services utilizing artificial intelligence
Website : https://vidalung.ai/
Clairvo Company Profile
Head Office : 4-2, Otemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-8088, Japan
Establishment : 2020
Representative : Riichi Yamada
Business : Development, manufacture, sale/rent, import/export of medical devices and services applying AI
and other advanced technologies, other medical devices, and health care-related products.
Website : https://clairvotech.com/

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