Pilot Project of Green Hydrogen Injection into a Gas Grid in Chile

Dec. 16, 2022
Marubeni Corporation

In November 2022, Gasvalpo, a Chilean gas distribution and retail company in which Marubeni has a majority stake, began a pilot project which runs producing green hydrogen, injecting it into a natural gas grid, and distributing it to customers. On December 15, a commemorative ceremony was held in Coquimbo Province in Chile, where the site is located.


Commemorative ceremony Commemorative ceremony

From the left, Ms. Marta Cabeza, Superintendent of Electricity and Fuels, Energy Ministry,
Mr. Luis Kipreos, General Manager of Gasvalpo, Mr. Ali Manouchehri, the Mayor of Coquimbo


The ceremony was attended by Mr. Diego Pardow, Energy Minister (participating online), Ms. Marta Cabeza, Superintendent of Electricity and Fuels, Energy Ministry from the Government of Chile, Mr. Ali Manouchehri, the Mayor of Coquimbo, from Coquimbo province, and others.

In this pilot project, green hydrogen* produced by solar power generation is injected into the natural gas pipeline network in Coquimbo province, replacing a certain percentage of natural gas with green hydrogen, and distributed to more than 2,000 local residents and commercial customers. It is the first green hydrogen production, injection, and distribution project in South America. The entire process is conducted by Gasvalpo.

By utilizing the know-how it has accumulated through this pilot project, Marubeni will continue to provide appropriate solutions that lead to decarbonization according to the needs of customers in various areas.

*Green hydrogen is produced with an electrolyzer using electricity generated from renewable energy. It is extracted from water which is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen in the electrolyzer.


■ Company Overview

Company Name :Gasvalpo SpA
Representative :Luis Kipreos
Location :Valparaiso, Chile
Established :1853
Business Activities :Natural gas distribution and retail