Marubeni Wins “The Creative Office Award” at the 35th Nikkei New Office Awards Ceremony

Sep. 14, 2022
Marubeni Corporation

The Marubeni Headquarters “Workreation* Office”, where Marubeni relocated on May 24, 2021, won “The Creative Office Award” at the 35th Nikkei New Office Award Ceremony sponsored by Nikkei Inc. and the New Office Promotion Association.

info_220914_01 *Workreation (Work + Creation): Activities to create concepts, culture, and new values related to working together with employees.

The Nikkei New Office Awards recognize offices that demonstrate originality and ingenuity with the aim of spreading and promoting the creation of comfortable and functional new offices. As an ongoing initiative after its relocation, Marubeni launched an internal task force called “Workreation” to verify and optimize the effectiveness of its office and consider medium- to long-term work styles and workplaces. The “Creative Office Award” was given to Marubeni for its office management system that combines the Group’s knowledge to create an environment where employees can work together.

The “Round”: A place for new value creation info_220914_02

“Workreation” Task Force Members info_220914_03

Marubeni’s new office was built based on the concept of “Chain,” a workplace where people, goods, and information naturally gather and grow from “connections,” and designed for a work style called “ABW” (Activity-Based Working), where employees can choose their own workspace autonomously. There are various types of spaces in the office, such as the “Circle,” the “Huddle,” and the “Round” spaces, to accommodate employee diversity. Marubeni aims to achieve the Group’s “Global Crossvalue Platform” by promoting productivity and new value creation through the connections among people as well as the connections between people and their work / their ideas.

Award ceremony on Sep. 9, 2022 info_220914_04