Marubeni Launches a D2C Influencer Business in Fashion Field

Dec. 23. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has launched a D2C (Direct to Consumer) (*) business (hereinafter, “Business”), collaborating with influencers flourishing in SNS. On the 23rd of December 2021 Marubeni launched the EC site “Lit library” working together with influencers to sell original products from their own fashion brands.

Due to the growth and penetration of SNS and changing lifestyles, many people now purchase products through EC sites rather than at physical stores, so the EC fashion market is projected to further grow and expand. In the fashion field it’s important to have direct connections with consumers, understand their needs and share the world view of one’s brand. Therefore, we entered into this Business with influencers that have deep consumer connections.

Marubeni shares information through SNS, prioritizes communication with consumers and provides seasonal products through Lit library, utilizing our knowledge and networks in the fashion field including apparel. Beginning with Lit library, Marubeni has entered the D2C business with the aim of building business closer to consumers in the field of fashion.

(*) D2C (Direct to Consumer): Sales form which manufacturers and brand holders sell original products directly to consumers through their own EC sites, mainly without distributing to existing retailers.

[Summary of Lit library]
The concept of Lit library is “going out” dressed up to enjoy fashion in daily life. Lit library provides a place where consumers can go to enhance their feelings through fashion. In the spring of 2022, the following 3 brands will be introduced directed by influencers communicating with their many followers their strong interest and view of the world of fashion.

(Brand Name) (Director) (Instagram Account ID )
Brand Director
BEEDEN Nami Kawamoto @beedenofficial @___nami73__
CLEDU Sayo Ampo @cledu_official @posayo
KUMARA Niina @kumara___official @niina__official

Official site: https://lit-library.com/

For summer products in 2022, we plan to launch several new brands and continue to work with influencers who would like to design and sell particular products. Marubeni aims to make Lit library an attractive place for influencers, their followers and consumers.

【Lit library logo】 【Lit library logo】