Marubeni Forest Innovation Business Contest
-Helping solve existential challenges through forest-related business innovation-

Jun. 07, 2021
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) and its consolidated subsidiary WA Plantation Resources Pty. Ltd. (hereinafter, “WAPRES”) will be organizing the『Marubeni Forest Innovation Business Contest』(hereinafter, “MFIBC”) beginning on June 7, 2021.

MFIBC is a contest that invites people to submit innovative ideas for forest-related businesses. Anyone is eligible to apply, including corporations, ventures, non-profits, entrepreneurs, universities, students, and any other individuals or groups who have a passion to creatively manage forests in an environmentally sustainable manner. Marubeni also welcomes NELIS (Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability), an organization whose purpose is to educate young leaders of the world, that will act in an advisory capacity for this contest. Experts in forests, sustainability and start-ups will mentor applicants and brush up their proposals while evaluating them from different perspectives.

Forests play an essential role in the maintenance of key ecosystem services, such as carbon storage and the preservation of biodiversity. They also support the livelihoods of everyone on Earth by providing wood, fibers, biomass and other key resources. Through MFIBC, Marubeni will contribute to solving social issues such as food security, water provisioning, ecosystem maintenance, biodiversity preservation, and climate change by developing new forest related businesses.

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・Schedule July 31, 2021 Deadline for applications
    August  First round
    October  Second round
    November-December WAPRES visiting tours for Finalists (about one week)
    January, 2022 Final Round

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<About WAPRES>
Company Name : WA Plantation Resources Pty. Ltd.
Head Office : Bunbury, Western Australia
Established : August 2000 (started from co-export business by sawmill in 1969)
Main Business : Plantation, Wood fiber exports