Investment and Strategic Alliance with Global Esports Team Fnatic

May. 26. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, "Marubeni") led the most recent investment round in Sannpa Limited (hereinafter, "Fnatic"), the parent company of the global esports organization Fnatic, based in London, U.K., and entered into a strategic partnership to support Fnatic in the growing Japanese esports sector.

Esports competitions are streamed and watched widely online, and are attracting attention as new media content that combines video games and such social media functions as messages from players and viewer feedback. According to Newzoo, a games and esports market research company, the number of esports fans and viewers is expected to grow from 474 million today to 577 million in 2024 globally. Because of its large millennial and Gen Z fan base, many companies around the world are actively deploying their ad budgets in an effort to reach and engage with these fans.

Founded in 2004, Fnatic is the world’s leading esports entertainment brand, laser-focused on seeking out, levelling up, and amplifying gamers and creators. Fnatic teams have since claimed more than 200 championships across 30 different games. Driven by performance, Fnatic is the channel through which the most forward-thinking brands communicate with young people. Now, it delivers industry-leading content and experiences through a worldwide squad of 40 pro gamers across 8 game titles, and 100 staff in 6 offices across the world, including one in Tokyo. As a high-performance esports brand, Fnatic develops and sells video game and esport related performance gear and apparel.

Marubeni is creating a new strategic partnership with Fnatic to accelerate Fnatic's growth in Japan. The collaboration will support the expansion of the Fnatic brand and the growth of Fnatic’s base of operations in Japan and Fnatic’s Rainbow 6 Siege team, who are relocating to Japan. Marubeni aims to create an internet media business highly recognized by Millennials and Gen Z.

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About Sannpa Limited
Company Name : Sannpa Limited (Parent Company of Fnatic)
Headquarter : London, United Kingdom
Established : 2004
Representative : Samuel Mathews, Chief Executive Officer
Main Business : Owning and operating esports teams, selling esports gears and apparel goods
Number of employees : 100 employees and 40 professional players (as of May 2021)
Website : https://fnatic.com
SNS : https://twitter.com/fnatic