Sales Agent Agreement Concluded for Industrial Park in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Apr. 06. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has concluded a sales agent agreement for the first phase of the Amata City Halong Project (hereinafter, the “Project”) in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam which is being developed by Amata City Halong Joint Stock Company (hereinafter, “Amata City Halong”), the group company of Amata Corporation Public Company Limited (hereinafter, “Amata Corporation”). Amata Corporation is the leading industrial park developer in Thailand.

With a population of approximately 100 million, a growing middle class, and an abundant, high quality labor force, Vietnam is an attractive country for companies looking to not only to target the Vietnamese domestic market but also to establish a manufacturing base in the country. In 2020, Vietnam achieved 2.9% growth with a strong increase in exports to the United States, while most other countries recorded negative growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Expecting that high economic growth will continue with due to high rates of consumption and investment in Vietnam, Marubeni has started a sales agent business, and will make proposals to and provide support for Japanese and other Asian companies who are considering expanding their business to Vietnam. For this business, Marubeni will make use of its abundant knowledge, experience, and network, developed and accumulated over many years in the industrial park development and operation business.

The Project is a large regional development project targeting 5,800 ha of developing area consisting of an industrial park and smart city in Quang Ninh Province, located in the bay area in North Vietnam, which has been achieving high economic growth. The project is suitable for both export-oriented and domestic market-oriented companies due to the following advantages:

●Geographical connection to Eastern Asian countries
 Since Vietnam is close to major trading partners in Eastern Asian countries and has easy access especially to China,
 there is an advantage in creating supply chains for importing raw and intermediate materials from China.

●Remarkable development of surrounding transportation infrastructure - land, sea, and air -
 Transportation infrastructure in close proximity to the Project is significantly developed, including an expressway connected
 directly to the capital Hanoi, Lach Huyen Port which is the first deep seaport in North Vietnam, and Van Don International Airport and Cat Bi International Airport.

●Tax benefits due to Economic Zone designation
 Since the Project is located in a designated Economic Zone, companies participating in the Project can take advantage of
 corporate tax and other attractive tax incentives.

Amata Corporation, established in 1989, has operated three industrial parks in Thailand and Vietnam, and has invited more than 1,400 tenants to their industrial parks. Currently Amata Corporation is developing new industrial parks in Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos, and is also engaging in smart city development based on its experience with industrial parks.

Marubeni has developed and operated Special Economic Zones and industrial parks starting with Lat Krabang Industrial Estate in Thailand in the 1980s, followed by projects in Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Myanmar. Marubeni will take this opportunity to advance discussions with Amata City Halong, taking into consideration collaborations on next generation industrial parks and smart cities. Marubeni will combine its knowledge gained through experience in digitalizing industrial park operations and smart city projects which are under development in South East Asia, with Amata Corporation’s knowledge and experience in existing industrial park operation.


■Overview of “Amata City Halong”
Company Name Amata City Halong JSC.
Address Song Khoai Industrial Park, Song Khoai Commune, Quang Yen Town, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
Representative Nguyen Van Nhan
■Overview of “Amata City Halong Project (first phase)”
Name Amata City Halong (first phase)
Address Song Khoai Industrial Park, Song Khoai Commune, Quang Yen Town, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
Development Area 714ha

■Location map of Amata City Halong Project ■Location map of Amata City Halong Project

■Conceptual drawing of Amata City Halong (first phase) ■Conceptual drawing of Amata City Halong (first phase)