Establishment of a New Subsidiary DOLBIX CONSULTING Inc.
for the Promotion and Support of DX

Jan. 22. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereafter, “Marubeni”) has newly established a IT consulting company DOLBIX CONSULTING Inc. (hereafter, “DOLBIX”) to reinforce its ICT business and to support clients and partners in their Digital Transformation (hereafter, “DX”).

In recent years, due to the accelerating digitalization of the world, the hopes and expectations towards a “Data-driven Society” – a concept which, through the accumulation and analysis of massive amounts of data, aims to lead society in a better direction – are ever-heightening. In its Medium-Term Management Strategy GC2021-Global crossvalue platform, Marubeni has targeted technological innovation and digital transformation as two of the global changes and major trends towards 2030 for the creation of new, next generation businesses. This has lead to the establishment of DOLBIX, a group of DX promotion professionals, in order to realize its clients’ digitalization.

DOLBIX sees the diverse business domains in which Marubeni operates as opportunities to develop DX around the globe. By working on every strategic or technological project concerning DX, from business/IT strategies to system implementation and maintenance, DOLBIX aims to provide IT consulting services that generate tangible results. Those accomplishments in turn will be shared widely across the industry, and while DOLBIX will be assisting clients with DX and creation of new value for their businesses, it will also build an ecosystem by organically connecting its clients with one another, aspiring to establish a new value chain in the industry.

Through these endeavors, Marubeni and DOLBIX will enhance the value-creation capabilities of the industry, and together with their valued clients, contribute extensively to making a better society.


<Company Overview>
Location : 2-1-1, Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Established : December, 2020
Representative : Yoshihiro Sato
Main Business : IT Consulting (Strategy Development, IT Planning, System Implementation/
Maintenance and Outsourcing)
Website : https://www.dolbix.com/

“DOLBIX” is a fusion of three words; DigitaL, DX and Orbis (a latin word with meanings such as compass, circle, ring, cycle, the world, the globe). In a world where digitalization and DX are constantly advancing, and IT continues to evolve and develop, DOLBIX will point the way for its clients, with its sights set on a future of problem-solving and increasing the value of businesses.