Introducing “MEGURI2040 - Riddle-Solving Map Activity on Sarushima Island”

Jul. 20. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

Beginning on July 22nd, 2021, the Nippon Foundation will commence distribution of a riddle-solving map on Sarushima Island in Yokosuka City as an activity related to the “Joint Technological Development Programme for the Demonstration of Unmanned Ships” (hereinafter, “MEGURI2040 Project”) in which Marubeni partipates.
The Riddle-Solving Map activity will help children, mainly elementary school students, learn what technologies and mechanisms will be in place for unmanned ships on Sarushima Island, where demonstration tests for unmanned ships are being held.

Marubeni’s goal for this activity is to broadly increase the recognition of autonomous ships, and the company strives to implement autonomous ships in society in the future.
Marubeni will contribute to the establishment of autonomous ship technology through the MEGURI2040 Project by the end of March 2022, aiming to provide solutions to the shipping industry and to achive a safe and sustainable society.