The Marubeni Business Partner Association Supports Member Companies in Resolving Business Issues/How Member Companies Utilize the Association’s Services

Jan. 15. 2021
Marubeni Corporation

The Marubeni Business Partners Association (hereinafter, “MBPA”), which is established in January 2019 (*1), apply the Marubeni Group’s comprehensive strengths to offer member companies a variety of information, services, products, and solutions. The number of Marubeni Group companies providing services as a part of MBPA has increased to 29, and the number of member companies has increased to about 250 in the 2 years.

Member company benefits include important information distributed by MBPA(*2), the online seminars (*3) hosted by MBPA, and the one-stop access to services rendered through Marubeni group companies (*4). Companies that have a business relationship with any Marubeni Group company are entitled to membership and are not required to pay any admission fees or annual membership dues. Here is a 5 minute explanatory video about MBPA. The services provided by Marubeni Group companies to MBPA members are posted in the Digital Catalog.

Here is an example of how member companies utilize the Association’s services.

Member company : Zuzuya Co., Ltd.
Location : Takamatsu City, Kagawa
President&CEO : Yukinori Kamibayashi
Description of Business : The manufacture, wholesale and retail sales, etc. of Buddhist altars and Buddhist prayer implements
Services Used : Insurance, logistics, energy, seminars, and more
HP : https://www.zuzuya.co.jp/

【Yukinori Kamibayashi, President & Representative Director,Zuzuya Co., Ltd.】


Zuzuya Co., Ltd., a company headquartered in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, became a member of the Marubeni Business Partner Association upon doing business with Marubeni Safenet. The company outsources customs clearance work that arises from import cargo insurance to Marubeni Logistics Corporation. Not only was Zuzuya successful at using Marubeni Logistics as a one-stop shop for customs clearance and incidental insurance, but their customs clearance processes for products of highly-specialized religious significance were streamlined as well. Moreover, since Zuzuya switched over to Marubeni Power Retail Corporation as the supplier of power for their headquarters and Tokushima factory, they have been able to steadily cut their power costs thanks to suggestions by Marubeni Power Retail Corporation that took into account how Zuzuya uses power. In addition to the above, they have said that the seminars and reports provided by the Association have been useful in their internally-conducted seminars.

Zuzuya President Yukinori Kamibayashi has said, “While they [Marubeni staff] are sales people, they are also trust-inspiring consultants”.
MBPA hopes to continue to represent Marubeni Group companies and suggest services [to business partners] going forward, reiterating its commitment to the Association’s mission.

(*1)25 January, 2019 Press Release: https://www.marubeni.com/en/news/2019/release/00007.html

(*2) The latest economic and management information (e.g. Marubeni Research Institute reports, Products Liability Reports, Risk Management Reports, Government Subsidies Reports, Marketing Reports, Markets Reports, MBPA services, Human Resources Reports, or Seminars).

(*3) MBPA free seminars/webinars are related to practical business (e.g. Cyber Security, Business management with/post Covid 19, Work Style Reform, Credit Management, BCP, or SDGs).

(*4) Services provided by Marubeni Group companies are posted in the Digital Catalog under 14 categories (i.e. Cost Saving, Operation Efficiency).

details 【 The Role of the Marubeni Business Partner Association】


【Information of Marubeni Business Partner Association Seminar】
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, MBPA is holding online seminars. The WEB seminars scheduled to be held are as follows.
“Measures for Retaining Human Resources” will be held on January 19th, 2021,
“Employee Benefit Plan” seminar will be held on March 4th, 2021.
The seminar information will be posted on MBPA website.


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