Shuqaiq 3 IWP in Saudi Arabia and Maynilad Water Services’ Putatan 2 Water Treatment Plant in the Philippines Received International Awards for Water Projects

Dec. 25. 2020
Marubeni Corporation

The “2020 Global Water Awards” recognize global water projects that have achieved outstanding performance during the year and are presented by Global Water Intelligence (hereinafter, “GWI”; a consulting agency in the water industry). This year, two Marubeni water projects were recognized at the 2020 Global Water Awards, receiving “Water Deal of the Year 2020” and “Water Project of the Year 2020” respectively.

・Shuqaiq 3 Independent Water Project (hereinafter, “Shuqaiq 3”) in Saudi Arabia Selected for the distinction of “Water Deal of the Year 2020” from other exceptional water projects that concluded loan agreements in 2019.

・Maynilad Water Services, Inc., (hereinafter, “Maynilad”) in Metro Manila, the Philippines, Selected for the distinction of “Water Project of the Year 2020” for the Putatan 2 Water Treatment Plant (WTP) from other global water projects that began operations in the previous year.

Shuqaiq 3 is an Independent Water Project (IWP) that includes the construction, owning and operation of a seawater desalination plant, implemented by the Saudi Arabian Government to meet the growing demand for water on the coast of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia.
Shuqaiq Three Company for Water, a project company owned by Marubeni and its project partners, signed a long-term Water Purchase Agreement (WPA) with a Saudi Arabian state-owned company in 2019, and the plant is currently under construction and scheduled to commence commercial operations in 2021. Shuqaiq 3 was able to conclude a competitive loan agreement of approximately 500 million US dollars, which took the form of co-financing with large international banks as well as local banks, in just 3 months following the conclusion of the WPA.
The project’s feat of first completing the financial structure and then carving out a new market has been highly lauded as the new standard for the Saudi Arabian water project industry, which is expected to continue to grow in the future.

The Putatan 2 Water Treatment Plant, opened by Maynilad in Putatan (a barangay in Muntinlupa, which is located on the southern part of Metro Manila) in 2019, uses ultrafiltration (UF) membrane and reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technologies.
In 2019, low water levels in the Angat Dam led to a serious drought, especially in the east side of Metro Manila. Putatan 2 commenced commercial operation in the same year and made a great contribution to help relieve major water shortages in the area. In addition, Laguna Lake’s water is considered to be among the world’s most challenging to treat, however, with Putatan 2’s world-class processing technology, Maynilad is able to produce potable water from the lake.
Putatan 2’s contribution to drought relief in 2019 and its cutting-edge technology have been highly regarded, and have led to this acknowledgement.

Marubeni has executed BOO(*1)/BOT(*2), EPC(*3) and Operation & Maintenance contracts for desalination plants, wastewater plants, transmission pipelines and pumping stations, as well as providing full concession services in Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Marubeni will leverage its knowledge and experience accumulated from its global business to fulfill its sustainable social responsibility by providing reliable and safe water services to people living in areas where access to water is scarce.

(*1) BOO:Build, Own and Operate
(*2) BOT:Build, Own and Transfer
(*3) EPC:Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Shuqaiq3 Project site area under construction (Shuqaiq3)
Maynilad’s Putatan 2 Water Treatment Plant Water purification plant with the latest membrane technology (Maynilad’s Putatan 2 Water Treatment Plant)