Marubeni Collection Furisode Designated as a National Important Cultural Property

Dec. 23. 2020
Marubeni Corporation

A garment owned by Marubeni, “Furisode (*1) with Design of Latticework, Chrysanthemums, Paste-resist and Embroidery on Parti-Colored Silk Crepe” (hereinafter, “Furisode”) was designated as an important cultural property by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Based on the ink inscription on the back of this Furisode, it is speculated that it was a keepsake of a man named Konishi Kisaemon, who lived in Edo Asakusa Mitsuke. The Furisode is thought to have belonged to his daughter, who died at the age of 19 in 1730. The Furisode was then dedicated by her father to Bodaiji Temple for her memorial service.
This Furisode is a particularly valuable item because, while it is usually difficult to know when antique garments were produced, this item’s production period has been identified. This Furisode is also characteristic of clothing trends at that time, such as the exquisite Yuzen (*2) dyeing technique used to make delicate expressions and the Date crest.

Since Marubeni was founded in 1858, the company has collected Kosode (*3) and other modern Kimono from the Edo period, Today, Marubeni boasts a large collection of valuable costumes, Kimono, and other sorts of apparel, which are often used for design research. Marubeni believes that it is important to preserve this Furisode properly alongside the other items in the Marubeni Collection, such as Western paintings like the Renaissance masterpiece "Beautiful Simonetta" and Japanese paintings. Marubeni considers this to be part of the company’s CSR activities, and will continue to work hard in curating this collection.

(*1) Furisode: a traditional Japanese garment characterized by long sleeves.

(*2) Yuzen: a paste-resist dyeing technique used in making traditional clothing.

(*3) Kosode: a traditional Japanese garment characterized by short sleeves.

A picture of the Furisode A picture of the Furisode (Designated as an important cultural property on September 30th, 2020)