Strategic Partnership with Agri Startup “MUSCA” for Spreading Sustainable Solutions for Agricultural Producers

Mar. 01. 2019
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Musca Inc. (hereinafter, “MUSCA”), a leading Agri Startup in Japan. Marubeni and MUSCA will collaborate on business resources, knowledge, and technologies in order to move one step closer to achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) for our society.

MUSCA possesses a circulatory biomass recycling technology that uses selectively bred housefly larvae to decompose organic waste like livestock excrement and food debris, which then forms things like organic fertilizer and raw protein sources. As the largest grain trader in Japan, Marubeni has established deep connections with a wide range of agricultural producers across the world, and has been actively seeking to improve functionality with companies engaged in the agricultural industry. In accordance with their strategic partnership, MUSCA and Marubeni will combine MUSCA’s business resources and technology with Marubeni’s network to provide effective recycling solutions for agricultural producers struggling with waste disposal. Through their partnership, Marubeni and MUSCA will work together towards the creation of a sustainable society both in Japan and in the world.

Moving forward, Marubeni will continue to accelerate collaborative ventures with startup companies like MUSCA that are involved in progressively engaging with social issues. Marubeni will create businesses at each stage of the supply chain, from the provision of grain materials to the sale of food products, which contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Official name : Musca Inc.
Location : Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
Established : 2016
Representative : Chairman/Mitsutaka Kushima, CEO (Interim) /Ayano Ryugo
Capital Stock : ¥45,010,000(at the end of Dec, 2018)
HP : https://musca.info/