Announcing Investment in Autonomous Delivery Startup, udelv, Inc.

Dec. 11. 2018
Marubeni Corporation

On December 3rd, MAIHOIII, LLC (hereinafter, “MAIHO III”), which is itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), invested in udelv, Inc. (hereinafter, "udelv"), which develops the Autonomous Delivery Van (hereinafter, “ADV”), and provides autonomous delivery services.

udelv, founded in California in 2016, started a pilot autonomous delivery project on public roads in January 2018 and, since then, udelv has completed over 1,000 deliveries for multiple merchants in the San Francisco Bay Area.
udelv is working on further improvement of the ADV and will expand their service area to Oklahoma and Texas, as well as to other locations in California. In Texas, XL Parts, LLC, a subsidiary of MAIHOIII, is planning a practical experiment with the ADV for their aftermarket automotive parts distribution business.

Through this strategic alliance with udelv, Marubeni will develop more efficient last mile delivery (*1) models, and proactively advance its interest in new mobility services, including fleet management (*2) of commercial vehicles, in anticipation of the future advent of an autonomous society.

(*1) Last mile delivery:
A logistic service from last place to end users.
(*2) Fleet Management:
Management of the lifecycle (Procurement, Operation, and Disposal) of commercial vehicles used for transporting people/things.

Company Name : udelv, Inc.
Head quarter Location : Burlingame, California USA
Established : 2016
Business Activities : Develop Autonomous Delivery Van, Provide Autonomous Delivery Service
HP : https://www.udelv.com/
<XL Parts, LLC>    
Head quarter Location : Houston, Texas USA
Established : 1984 (Established as XLP predecessor, U.S. Parts)
Business Activities : Aftermarket automotive parts distribution
HP : http://www.xlparts.com/