Proof of Concept Project for a Digitalized Shuttle Bus Service in Metro Manila

Oct. 02. 2018
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation(hereinafter, “Marubeni”)hereby announces that Marubeni, in conjunction with Wunder Mobility Solutions GmbH(hereinafter, “Wunder Mobility” ), launched a Proof of Concept Project(hereinafter, “Project”)for a digitalized shuttle bus service in Metro Manila.

Wunder Mobility is a leader in carpooling, smart shuttle, and vehicles sharing technology especially in emerging economy markets such as the Philippines, India and Brazil.

For the Project, in partnership with Wunder Mobility, Marubeni will provide an app-based shuttle bus reservation service to the employees at the Manila office of Nowcom Corporation (hereinafter, “Nowcom”), a United States technology company that provides solutions for the automotive and financial services industries. By providing an efficient service, Marubeni aims to increase the utilization of shuttles at lower costs for employers, and increase convenience for employees who struggle to commute. Traffic congestion in Metro Manila is a serious, and often reported problem, and is the cause of real social and economic losses to the Philippines. Marubeni will contribute to solving this problem through this collaboration with Wunder.

On April 1st, 2017 Marubeni reorganized the "IoT · Big Data Strategy Office" and established the new "Digital Innovation Department" on April 1st, 2018. The new department’s purpose is the promotion and creation of new business models through the use of digital technology. In addition to passenger transportation, Marubeni will employ its expertise and digital technology actively to advance into the Fleet Management* business in anticipation of the emergence of new mobility services especially in ASEAN countries.

 (*)Fleet Management: Managing the lifecycle (Procurement, Operation, and Disposal) of commercial vehicles used for transporting people/things.

About Wunder Mobility
Wunder Mobility is an international technology supplier for innovative and future-oriented mobility concepts. Founded in 2014, the company is the only international full-stack provider to offer the entire range of new mobility services from a single source. The portfolio includes software, hardware and operational services for smart shuttles, fleet management (car, bike and scooter sharing), and carpooling.
As the preferred partner for cities and communities, Wunder is driving the digitization of public transport. Transport companies, as well as companies from the automotive industry from Europe, America, and Japan, have already decided to use the flexible and scalable technology. Wunder currently processes about one million trips per month worldwide.
Founded in 2014 by Gunnar Froh and Sam Baker, Wunder Mobility was initially active in Europe as a classic ride-sharing service. Since 2015, the team has been implementing carpooling concepts in megacities such as Manila and Rio de Janeiro. The technology provider employs more than 70 people from 26 nationalities in Hamburg, Manila, Rio de Janeiro, and Bangalore. Investors include Blumberg Capital, Cherry Ventures, and the German Startups Group.

About Nowcom

Name : Nowcom Corporation
Location : California, U.S.
Establishment : 1996
Chairman of the Management Board : Don Hankey
Business : Developing technology solutions for the automotive and financial services
HP : http://www.nowcom.com/