A Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Digital Transformation is Signed between Marubeni Corporation and Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. Under the Banner of Tsinghua University

Aug. 09. 2018
Marubeni Corporation

The Chinese local subsidiary, Marubeni (China) Co., Ltd of Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), has signed a cooperation agreement (hereinafter, “this Agreement”) in the field of digital transformation with Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “TUS”), an investment asset management company under the banner of Tsinghua University, which is considered to be a top tier Chinese university.

TUS has been able to expand its business range, which started as construction and operation management of science and technology parks, by creating businesses based on technologies developed at Tsinghua University and by investing in start-up enterprises. The company is currently working in a variety of fields such as energy, environment, digital economy, life & health, and education & training, and is one of the core companies located in Zhongguancun, the center of research and development in China, which has produced roughly 5000 companies to date.

Marubeni and TUS have concluded this Agreement for the purpose of technology and business development as those things pertain to digital technology. In addition to receiving technologies and ideas from TUS, Marubeni will also aim to increase the level of awareness among startup and venture companies about Marubeni through innovation and jointly sponsored events.

Marubeni has been focused on promoting the creation of new business models based on digital technology. As a part of this, Marubeni is also taking full advantage of the enterprise network of TUS, which extends out to approximately 60 cities, in order to promote digital transformation in China.


<Summery of TUS>

Company name : Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.
Location : 14-17/F, Block A, Tsinghua University Science Park, Innovation Plaza, Beijing, China
Establishment : 2000
Number of employees : 47 thousand
Total assets : 129.5 billion CNY (about 220 billion Yen)
Business description : Business incubation, finance, funding, leasing business, etc.
The headquarters of Tus-Holdings (Tsinghua Science Park) The headquarters of Tus-Holdings (Tsinghua Science Park)