Marubeni Incorporates a New Company in Order to Pursue Regional Social-Life Services in Ina City, Nagano

Jun. 25. 2018
Marubeni Corporation

On June 20th, Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter “Marubeni”) established Marubeni Ina Mirai Denki Corporation (hereinafter “Mirai Denki”), a new company in Ina City, Nagano. The incorporation of Mirai Denki is a way to examine regional business opportunities centering on the power retail business and also to branch out to social-life services.

In recent years, local energy autonomy via renewable energy and decentralized power generation has surged in importance. Mirai Denki, with the cooperation of Ina City, will eventually aid in the local production of energy for local consumption, and strive for the implementation of a decarbonized society; the company will also examine the potential of the power retail business in the region, with a focus on renewable energy, as well as consider the provision of social-life services tailored to local needs. Moreover, Mirai Denki is planning to implement surveys of local needs and marketing in order to create businesses that will contribute to local communities.

Since 2000, Marubeni has been contributing to community building in Ina City by providing a steady supply of safe and environmentally friendly energy through its wholly owned subsidiary, Mibugawa Power Company, which owns small hydroelectric power plants in the city. Looking to the future, Marubeni will strive to contribute even more to improve the quality of life in the region through the incorporation of Mirai Denki.

About Mirai Denki

Head Office : 2895 Hase Kurogouchi, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture
Paid-in Capital : 50 million yen (incl. capital reserve)
Business : R&D centering around the power retail business, the sale of solar power generation systems, battery storage, EV and EV chargers, hardware and software related to the power retail business and other related services.