Marubeni and Lippo Group to Collaborate on Clinical Laboratory Testing Service in Indonesia

Nov. 06. 2017
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) has concluded an agreement with PT Lippo Karawaci TbK (“Lippo Karawaci”), the core company of the Lippo Group (“Lippo”) for a joint study on the development of a centralized clinical laboratory testing service(*) in Indonesia.


Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world, and a large nominal GDP of about US$932.5B(**), and is regarded as one of the countries in Asia with the greatest growth potential. However, growing demand for healthcare has accelerated due to healthcare policies by Department of Health which is requiring the country to develop medical facilities and improve the quality of medical services. To address these demands, Marubeni and Lippo will examine the possibility of introducing high-quality Japanese clinical laboratory testing services which can contribute to the improvement in the quality of medical services in Indonesia.


Lippo Karawaci provides medical services through its subsidiary company, PT Siloam International Hospitals TbK (“Siloam”), the largest private hospital group in Indonesia with general hospitals nationwide.


Marubeni aims to establish a new business base in the healthcare and medical field in Indonesia, and develop similar kinds of business including hospital-related business and medical services, not only in Indonesia but in other Asian countries as well.


(*) Clinical laboratory testing service: A testing service which examines the blood, urine or feces collected from patients, including hematology, biochemical and immunological tests

(**) Ref: IMF World Economic Outlook Databases October 2017



The Lippo Group was established in 1982. It is one of the leading ethnic Chinese conglomerates providing services in the fields of banking, securities, insurance, leasing, real estate, and retail as well as in such other areas as ICT, media and hospitals and hotels. Their business has expanded into Hong Kong, the U.S., China and other countries. 



Siloam International Hospitals TbK is the largest private hospital group in Indonesia having 31 hospitals nationwide, and is planning to expand to over 50 hospitals by 2019. It was established in 1996 by Parkway Holdings, a group providing healthcare services in Singapore, and 100% of its shares were acquired by Lippo Karawaci in 2004. Siloam has the advantage, compared to other hospitals, by being able to educate its medical staff at Pelita Harapan University which is owned by Lippo.