Business Collaboration with Nemy, Inc.

Feb. 15. 2016
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) has reached an agreement regarding business collaboration with Nemy, Inc. (“Nemy”) under which it will support photovoltaic system sales of domestic residential and low voltage facilities with Nemy.

Nemy produces mounting systems for air conditioners and industrial equipment and distributes them through their wide sales channel in Japan. Nemy has also established a sales system with technical support for photovoltaic systems.

Marubeni has developed a strong presence in the global photovoltaic market value chain with approximately 20 years of business experience. Taking advantage of its extensive market knowledge and network, Marubeni has collaborated with photovoltaic module and photovoltaic-related equipment manufacturers, housebuilders and construction companies. Through these efforts, Marubeni has successfully expanded its sales channel and accumulated high level know-how on equipment selection.

Under this new business collaboration agreement, Marubeni and Nemy will combine their sales channels, with Marubeni providing a photovoltaic system and Nemy dedicated to selling it. Marubeni will maintain the stable supply of reliable photovoltaic systems and continuously expand the sales channel.

Stable growth of the Japanese residential photovoltaic market is expected to continue until 2030. The Japanese government also aggressively promotes ZEH (Zero Energy House) and energy saving houses. Though this new collaboration business, Marubeni endeavors to contribute toward the further spread of renewable energy.


[Nemy, Inc. Profile]

Company Name: Nemy, Inc.
Principal Office Address:  7th Floor, 2-24-3, Ohashi, Meguro, Tokyo
Established: July, 1967
Representative: Yukihisa Negami
Business Lineup: Design/Production/Sales of mounting system of photovoltaic systems/air conditioner/industrial equipment
Number of Employees:  80 (as of November, 2015)
Amount of Sales: 3,582 million JPY (as of July, 2015)