Business Collaboration with Interstellar Technologies Inc.

Jan. 19. 2016
Marubeni Corporation


Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) has reached an agreement regarding business collaboration with Interstellar Technologies Inc. (“Interstellar”) (President: Takahiro Inagawa, Principal Office: Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido). Under the agreement, Marubeni will contract research and studies for rocket development, support domestic and overseas rocket sales, and also receive stock acquisition rights from Interstellar.


Interstellar develops sub-orbital rockets for conducting observations in space and experiments in zero-gravity, as well as rockets based on sub-orbital rocket technology for delivering micro satellites to low earth orbit (LEO). Interstellar also accepts orders to launch satellites or experimental equipment into space using its rockets.


In the space industry, Marubeni has been working as the Japanese representative of  U.S. manufacturers of satellites and their key components. By utilizing its achievements and domestic and overseas networks, Marubeni will contribute to the further development of space related industry.

<Image of Sub-Orbital Rocket> 	   <Image of Rocket for Micro Satellite>  <Image of Sub-Orbital Rocket>                  <Image of Rocket for Micro Satellite>


【Interstellar Technologies Inc. Company Profile】

Established : In February 2013

Representative : Takahiro Inagawa

Office Address : Principal Office: 690-4 Memu, Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido

                        Tokyo Office: B102 Bunkyo MM bldg. 2-6-3 Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Business Lineup : Rocket Development, Manufacture and Launching Service