Marubeni to commence manufacturing fertilizer and repackaging business in Myanmar

Jan. 15. 2016
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) will commence a manufacturing fertilizer and repackaging business with a local partner in the Myanmar Thilawa SEZ in January 2016. 


Marubeni plans to sell 30,000 metric tons primarily for the Yangon delta area in the first year of operations in 2017, and expects to expand this volume to 150,000 metric tons across Myanmar in 2020 while also increasing the number of products in accordance with domestic market growth.


In addition to its track record in the fertilizer and agricultural materials-related business in Japan, Marubeni is expanding its business around the world primarily in Japan, North America and Europe. In the US, Marubeni has major affiliates such as Helena Chemical, the second largest agricultural chemicals retailer in the country, as well as Gavilon, which deals in approximately 7 million metric tons of fertilizer in the global market annually.


In Myanmar, where the improvement of income for farmers is a crucial policy issue, Marubeni is contributing to the increased productivity of major crops such as rice and corn through its sales of effective fertilizers and experimental agricultural studies.


Marubeni will continue to contribute to yield and income increases and the further growth and development of agriculture by introducing the advanced technologies and accumulated knowhow of the Marubeni Group.


<Overview of Marubeni Myanmar Fertilizer Co., Ltd.>

 Company name  Marubeni Myanmar Fertilizer Co., Ltd.
 Address  Thilawa SEZ, Yangon, Myanmar
 Principal business  Manufacturing and repackaging of fertilizer
 Service opening  April, 2017