Marubeni establishes construction machinery rental company in Myanmar

Nov. 25. 2015
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) and Dagon International Limited (“Dagon”), a local company in Myanmar, entered into an agreement to establish a joint venture construction machinery rental company, DMC Machinery Limited (“DMC Machinery”), in Myanmar.  


Marubeni, having paid strong attention to the potential high demand of construction machinery under the current rush of construction works in Myanmar, has conducted a preliminary feasibility study. After mutual consultations, Marubeni and Dagon came to the conclusion to establish DMC Machinery on a joint-venture basis.


In Myanmar, local contractors engaging in construction works still tend to purchase their own construction machinery, but with the enormous construction demand associated with the rapid economic growth following the democratic and economic reforms in 2011, the mindset of contractors is shifting from owning machines to renting machines.


Marubeni will contribute to the development of infrastructure in Myanmar by providing highly-demanded construction machinery rental services.


<Outline of DMC Machinery Limited>

Corporate name : DMC Machinery Limited

Address : Yangon City, Myanmar

Foundation : (to be founded in) December, 2015

Shareholder : Dagon 60%, Marubeni 40%

Principal business : Rental Service of Construction Machinery 


<Outline of Dagon>

Corporate name : Dagon International Limited

Address : Yangon City, Myanmar

Foundation : August, 1990

Principal business : Conglomerate engaging in varieties of businesses such as trading,
                             agriculture, construction and service industries etc.