Start of Commercial Operation and Opening Ceremony of Mega-Solar Power Station in Iwaki City, Fukushima

Feb. 09. 2015
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation’s fully owned subsidiary, Mibugawa Power Company (“Mibugawa”), held an opening ceremony today for a mega-solar power station named Iwaki Solar Power Station which commenced commercial operation from 1 December 2014 in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.

Mibugawa leased idle land in Iwaki City on which it constructed the mega-solar power station that it now operates. The annual power generation of this plant is 2,200kW which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of 700 ordinary houses. The generated power will be sold to Tohoku Electric Power Company for over 20 years under Japan's feed-in-tariff scheme.

Marubeni and Mibugawa have each brought their strengths to realize this project. Marubeni has a proven track record as the Project Integrator of the Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project in Fukushima Prefecture and has the advantages of electric power development and experience in power plant operation. In addition, Mibugawa possesses strong development capability and management experience of renewable power projects such as mega-solar.
Marubeni will conduct stable operation of the plant by utilizing Mibugawa’s five-decade-long operation know-how of renewable energy power plants.

Marubeni has eight domestic mega-solar power projects (14 power plants) in addition to this project and a gross power output of about 200MW.
Small / medium-scale hydro power generation is the center of Mibugawa’s business and Mibugawa is determined to further spread utilization of renewable energy, including mega-solar, to meet society’s demand for the reduction of environmental impact.


Plant Outline

 Name   Iwaki Solar Power Station
 Location   Ogawa Town, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
 Duration of Electricity Sales   1 Dec. 2014 – 30 Nov. 2034 (20 years)
 Total Power Capacity  2,200kW
 Expected Annual Electricity Production  2,500,000kWh (corresponds to the annual electricity
 consumption of 700 ordinary houses)
 Operator  Mibugawa Power Company
 (100% subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation)
 Location: 4-2, Otemachi 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
 Representative: Mr. Tomofumi Fukuda (President)
 Establishment: 1960
 Capital: JPY 250 million
 Sales: Approx. JPY 1 billion

【Panoramic Photograph of the plant】 【Panoramic Photograph of the plant】

【Location map of Iwaki Solar Power Station】 【Location map of Iwaki Solar Power Station】