Marubeni Awarded Order to Construct Mega-Solar Power Plant in Okinawa

Oct. 31. 2013
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) has been awarded a contract to construct a 1.99MW mega-solar power plant in Okinawa from Orion Sun Sun LLP. (“Orion”), a subsidiary of Orion Breweries, Ltd., based in Okinawa. This power plant will be one of three mega-solar power plants, totaling 4.70MW, which Orion is planning to construct in Okinawa.

The power plant, to be constructed on 2.67 ha of land, is expected to produce approximately 2,300,000kWh per annum, corresponding to the annual electricity consumption of 400 ordinary houses. The power plant, which is expected to go online in March 2014, will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 2,000 tons per year. Marubeni is responsible for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the power plant.

Marubeni has been successfully involved in a wide range of mega-solar business, such as trading solar modules and manufacturing equipment, construction and investment of power plants.  

Environmental and social demand for generating renewable energy, such as from mega-solar power plants, is expected to increase worldwide. Through our business with leading-edge technology, Marubeni aims to contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

<Outline of Orion Breweries, Ltd.>
Chief Executive Officer: Yoshio Kadekaru     
Address: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan          
Founded: 1957                              
Capital: JPY 360 million
Industry: Beverages, brewing

<Outline of Orion Sun Sun LLP.>
Address: Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Founded: 2013
Industry: Electric Power Generation


<Project Site in Okinawa>

<Project Site in Okinawa>