Marubeni to take significant minority stake in Aircastle Limited

Jun. 07. 2013
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation and Marubeni America Corporation (“Marubeni”) and Aircastle Limited (“Aircastle”) have agreed that Aircastle will issue a number of new common shares to Marubeni. Accordingly, Marubeni will acquire an approximately 15.25% stake of Aircastle for approximately US$209M.

Aircastle is a global company that operates lease and sales business of high-utility commercial jet aircraft throughout the world. As of March 31 2013, Aircastle owns 158 aircraft and leases to 66 companies in 36 countries.

The demand of leasing aircraft in aviation companies is expected to increase, as the aviation industry is growing steadily in the long term, due to increasing demand in emerging countries, accelerated by borderless economic activities and worldwide deregulation.

Marubeni is a general trading company involved in a diverse range of global business activities. In the aviation sector, Marubeni has extensive experience in providing agency services for commercial aircraft, business jets and engines, investing in engine development programs, aircraft leasing, engine leasing, aviation parts trading and various other services including aircraft components, airport ground handling services, and so on. By acquiring a significant minority stake in Aircastle, Marubeni will strengthen the comprehensive range of services that provided to airlines around the world, and furthermore, its contribution to the aviation industry.

Aircastle Outline

Name             : Aircastle Limited
Location         : Stamford, Connecticut State, USA
Incorporation   : 2004
Capital(*)        : US$1,354M
                         (*)Based on March 31, 2013 figure
Business        : Aircraft leasing