Results of Efforts for Energy Saving, Resource Conservation and Waste Reduction at Major Offices

Jun. 03. 2013
Marubeni Corporation

In August 2007, Marubeni set numerical targets for FY2012 regarding energy saving, resource conservation and waste reduction efforts at the major offices(*1) and conducted various activities to achieve these goals. As seen in the table below, the results exceeded all of the targets.

  Numerical Targets FY2012 Results
Energy Usage at Major
7% reduction by FY2012
from the FY2005 level
Down 45.8% from FY2005
Waste Recycling Rate at
Tokyo Head Office
80% by FY2012 92.1%
Green Procurement Rate
at Major Offices
At least 85% by FY2012 86.8%

The specific initiatives that were carried out to achieve the targets are as follows:

Energy Saving:
From FY2008, we introduced a high efficiency turbo refrigerator, total heat exchangers, air conditioning in separate areas, and controls to manage the external air intake at the Tokyo Head Office.
To further maintain suitable temperatures and reduce our reliance on air conditioning at the Tokyo Head Office, we installed window shades with a high heat shielding effect, affixed thermal barrier film to the windows, and insulated the rooftop. Other energy-saving measures included changing approximately 90% of the lighting (approximately 10,700 fluorescent and mercury bulbs) with LED lighting.
As a result of these efforts compared to FY2010, at the Tokyo Head Office for FY2012, we achieved a reduction of 24 million yen in the price of electricity(*2) and 1,680 tons of CO2 emissions, respectively.

Waste Reduction:
By working to reduce waste generation and taking the initiative to use waste disposal contractors that prioritize recycling, we greatly improved our recycling rate.
The processing cost for FY2012 at the main offices was approximately 7 million yen lower compared with that of FY2008.

Resource Conservation:
After expanding the type of products for green purchasing and conducting awareness-raising among our employees, we achieved our Green Procurement Rate targets.

*1 Major offices: Head Office (Tokyo), 5 Branches (Hokkaido, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyushu, Shizuoka) and
Tokyo Headquarters Mita Annex
*2 Reduce the amount of electricity charges: Calculated by the electricity unit price in 2010