Accessibility Policy

Marubeni is constantly working towards improving accessibility such that we can provide the information and services available on the Marubeni corporate website to a wide variety of users, regardless of environment, age or physical disability.

Standards & Guiding Principles

Our website’s guaranteed accessibility is created, run and managed based on the following standards and guiding principles.

  • Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS X 8341-3:2016)
  • Accessibility Guidelines Proposed by W3C (WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0))

Specific Considerations

Creation and Display Style
  • The headlines of various pages have been made up following the specifications standards of the W3C.
  • The appropriate document structure has been followed.
  • Links and buttons are created with uniformity according to the rules.
  • Data size and icons are added to links with elements that take time to process like PDF files and applications.
  • Excluding instances in which the user is notified beforehand, the user will not be redirected to other pages, and new pages will not open.
Hidden Text Information
  • Alternate text is applied to images.
  • For images to which alternate text does not apply, or for images which may be obstructed when accessed from a “sound browser”, the contents of the image are left blank using the following code: alt=""
  • Images and text with accompanying movement are created with proper consideration to speed, and changes in color and color saturation.
  • Users can regulate the volume of audio playback and also turn it on and off.
  • Audio will not play automatically unless expressly written on the page.
  • Text is written with consideration given to the reading function of “sound browsers”.
  • Graphs and other information that is expressed with colors are equipped with supplementary information that does not rely on color.
  • When colors overlap, the color scheme contrast will be chosen such that the colors can be easily differentiated.
Operation & Input
  • Almost all operations activated by pointing device can also be activated by a keyboard.
    (clicking, selecting, moving (the cursor), expanding or minimizing, and moving focus from one key to another by setting tab order with the TAB key)
  • When there is a time limit, the user will be able to extend the time limit or force quit. Alternate processes are prepared for cases where force quit cannot be done.
  • When language selection is available, a language code that responds to natural language will be included.
  • Font size and type is selected with consideration given to readability.
  • The user may change the font size to suit their needs.
  • Spaces and new paragraphs will not appear in the middle of single words.
  • A program will be able to tell which language is the natural language of the various words and paragraphs of the website content.