Forest Products

WA Plantation Resources

Forest Products
  • 100% Marubeni Corporation
  • WA Plantation Resources Pty Ltd (WAPRES) was formed by Marubeni Corporation to be the holding company for the woodchip and plantation business that it bought from Wesfarmers Ltd in September 2000.
  • WAPRES has a large and secure share of the wood fibre industry in Western Australia.
  • Exports around one million tonnes of woodchips to Japan and China every year for pulp and manages thousands of hectares of blue gum plantations across the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia.
  • Started to export biomass woodchips for fuel in 2017.
  • Provides the service for 3rd party (Grain loading, Plantation management, and Nursery).
  • Works with the locals and works for the communities.
  • Provides solutions for the social challenges.
  • Targets to supply wood fibre for all products and all industries.

Marusumi Whangarei Co Ltd (MWC)

Other Products
  • Established in July 1995
  • 51% Marusumi Paper Company Limited
    49% Marubeni Corporation
  • Purchases and processes logs into woodchips and purchases sawmill woodchips for supply.
  • Has exported close to 5 million tonnes of radiata pine woodchips through MCNZ since operation commenced in 1995.