Marubeni Australia Ltd

  • 100% Marubeni Corporation (Japan)
  • Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)
  • Established in 1960
  • Acts as a gateway for new business and projects for Marubeni group in Australia.

ICT & Real Estate Business

  • Supply of industrial and commercial lighting solutions for mine sites, shopping centres, airports and so on in Australia/New Zealand.

Forest Products

Forest Products
  • Import of price competitive pure hardwood pulp.
  • Export of Australian high-quality woodchips, and kraft liner board to Japan, China and other Asian countries.


  • Export of premium marbled beef fed by our 100% owned feedlot, Rangers Valley Cattle Station Pty Ltd, to around 20 countries around world.
  • Export of carrot juice concentrate to Japanese beverage manufacturers.
  • Export of malted barley to breweries to Asia.
  • Export of green tea leaves to Japan.
  • Export of wine in bulk to Japanese customers.


  • Maintains and develops international trade networks for petrochemicals, oleochemical, electronic materials, plastics resins and film product, and other specialty materials such as caustic soda, zircon sand, Li-ion battery materials, and fertilizers.
  • Strategic partnership for mass supply and logistic support services for renewable energy products such as solar modules, inverters and batteries.


  • Acts as a gateway for Marubeni Corporation in relation to new energy business opportunities in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Metals & Mineral Resources

Metals & Mineral Resources
  • Works closely with other Marubeni subsidiary companies in Australia such as Marubeni Aluminium in relation to the development of new bauxite mining opportunities.
  • Has a long history in Australia’s Iron ore industry since the 1960’s of trading iron ore between Australian suppliers and the steel industry in Asia such as Japanese steel mills and others.


  • Equity investment in capital assets, power, energy & transport infrastructure projects including Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects.

Construction, Auto & Industrial Machinery

Construction, Auto & Industrial Machinery
  • Marketing and sales of large-size High Voltage Motors, transformers and pumping sets.
  • Supply of industrial machinery and full turn-key plant to manufacturing and minerals processing sectors.
  • Import of construction and mining equipment.
  • Supply of engineered rubber products to mining, minerals processing and marine industries.