Share the Challenge

Forerunner in Green Business

Share the challenge.
Without running, without hiding, we’ll face anything head on.
Share the challenge.
The paths we can pursue and the answers we can discover are limitless.
Share the challenge.
Together, we will build a world where all of us can grow and thrive.
Share the challenge.
For those who will come after us, and for those with us now,
humanity must take on the greatest challenge of our time:
Creating a nature-positive global community.
Marubeni will play our part in pursuing this goal.
We are expanding our green businesses
and pursuing “greening” across all our business domains.
We rise as one to meet this challenge,
seeing through to the essence of the issues we face
as we collaborate, not compete, to create a sustainable future.
Share the challenge.
Join us as we tackle the challenges facing society
and find new solutions to make life better for everyone.
Our next adventure awaits!


Sharing the challenge
Combining the Strengths of a Global Network to Build a Sustainable World

  1. Solar Power from the Sea [Renewable Energy; Taiwan]

    Mar. 15, 2024

    Changbin Industrial Park, Taiwan: Solar panels float above a tidal flat as far as the eye can see. Here, one of the world's largest floating solar power plants generates renewable energy for Taiwanese communities.

  2. Mining Green Future [Copper Mine; Chile]

    Mar. 11, 2024

    Marubeni-Antofagasta Centinela Mine JV Goes Green, Expands on Decarbonization Demand

  3. Growing Forests around the World [Forest Resource Business; Philippines & Akita Prefecture, Japan]

    Dec. 22, 2023

    Marubeni is working to enhance both the environmental and economic value of forest resources around the world and open the way to a sustainable future through the power of people and forests. Highlighted here are an afforestation project in the Philippines to restore the country's former abundance of forest resources and a carbon offset project in forests in Akita Prefecture to leverage new approaches to address challenges related to forest industry in Japan.

  4. Work that Saves People’s Lives [Water Infrastructure Business; Chile]

    Sep. 08, 2023

    The scene: A Chilean desert, where rainfall is a rare occurrence. Here, water sources are limited, and water drawn from the ground contains harmful minerals like arsenic. Under these circumstances, every drop of water must be carefully handled, and all impurities completely removed, in order for normal life in this region to be viable...

  5. Farming Salmon...on a Hill? [Land-Based Salmon Farming; Denmark & Japan]

    Sep. 08, 2023

    Trying to keep up with the world’s ever-growing appetite for Atlantic salmon can feel like swimming upstream. As populations of wild species have severely declined, virtually all Atlantic salmon in stores today are farmed. Sea-based farming requires cold waters and sheltered fjords, but the only seas that meet these requirements are in high latitude regions....

  6. Leading the Mobility Revolution [Air Mobility Business; U.S., U.K., & Japan]

    Sep. 08, 2023

    Improving interregional access to mountainous areas and remote islands, easing traffic congestion, reducing the environmental impact of air travel via electric power—these are just a few ways that new air mobility will revolutionize public transportation. Truly ushering in this revolution, however, will require taking on a variety of challenges, such as developing ground infrastructure and improving public receptiveness toward this new form of transport...

a Nature-Positive Society

The Marubeni Group is making great strides in implementing our Green Strategy,
which involves expanding our green businesses—sustainable businesses
that have positive effects on the environment, such as decarbonization and the circular economy
—and advancing greening in all our business domains. We aim to contribute to the achievement
of the international community’s goal of “living in harmony with nature”
and the realization of a nature-positive global society
hand in hand with people, companies, and organizations around the world.

10 Green Businesses


  • Share the Challenge | 90sec Ver.

    Cast: Masato Sakai/ Yurika Nakamura/ King Ghidorah
    Narration: Soma Santoki

  • Share the Challenge | 30sec Ver.

    Cast: Masato Sakai/ Yurika Nakamura / King Ghidorah
    Narration: Soma Santoki

Here is a selection of the Marubeni Group’s green business initiatives!
Marubeni is aspiring to become a forerunner in green business by strengthening our current green businesses and by making all our businesses greener across every sector.

  • Forerunner in Green Business


  • Share the Challenge |
    Behind the Scenes

  • Interview with Masato Sakai

Vision for the Marubeni of the Future

We anticipate the issues and challenges facing society and create innovative solutions for our customers and for the world, breaking down barriers between sectors, between internal and external, crossing borders, building on our existing business models and expanding into new markets.

We will generate new value by freely combining our Group’s strengths, internal and external expertise, individual dreams and visions, taking the Marubeni Group as one single platform.

The new ad series communicates the spirit of Marubeni’s vision for the future, the Global crossvalue platform, through its slogan, “Share the challenge.”