SocialEnsuring Occupational Health and Safety

Marubeni Group Occupational Health and Safety Management System

In line with the Marubeni Group Basic Policy on Occupational Health and Safety, the Marubeni Group works continuously to improve the occupational health and safety management system across the whole Group under the leadership of the Sustainability Management Committee and its head, the Chief Sustainable Development Officer (CSDO, who is also a Director and Managing Executive Officer), in order to ensure a healthy, safe working environment for all Group employees and executives, as well as contractors working on site, business partners and other related parties.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Marubeni Group Basic Policy on Occupational Health and Safety

The Marubeni Group recognizes that ensuring healthy, safe working environments for all Group employees and executives, as well as contractors working at labor sites, business partners, and other related parties, is fundamental to the viability of our business. We conduct our business based on this policy, aiming to realize zero occupational accidents and illnesses. Furthermore in cases directly connected to Marubeni Group business activities where our affiliates, business partners, or other related parties are not taking steps to ensure occupational health and safety, we ask them to take appropriate measures in line with this policy.

1. Continuous Improvement of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

We build and continuously improve our occupational health and safety management system under the leadership of top management.

2. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

We comply with laws and regulations, rules, and agreements related to occupational health and safety in each country and region where we conduct business activities. We also develop relevant internal regulations in accordance with the level of risk.

3. Fostering Safety Awareness through Training

We foster safety awareness by continuously providing adequate training necessary for ensuring health and safety.

4. Risk Reduction and Continuous Improvement of Work Environment

We identify and specify hazards and sources of harm related to our business activities, and eliminate or reduce them. We also maintain and continuously improve the workplace environment by ensuring smooth communication within our organization.

5. Support for Maintaining and Promoting Health

We continuously support the maintenance and promotion of health for all Group employees and executives.

6. Information Disclosure

The Marubeni Group discloses accurate and highly transparent information regarding this policy and related initiatives through the Group’s official website and other avenues.。

Occupational Health and Safety Targets

Under the Marubeni Group Basic Policy on Occupational Health and Safety, Marubeni manages occupational health and safety for all employees and contractors associated with the Group.

- Zero occupational accidents (including fatalities)
- Zero occupational illnesses

Risk Assessment of Occupational Health and Safety

The Marubeni Group has established the Marubeni Group Basic Policy on Occupational Health and Safety, and conducts occupational health and safety risk assessments for new and existing projects.

Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Policy Initiatives of the Power Business Division

Marubeni’s Power Business Division conducts diverse power businesses and is a global leading player as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) in terms of power generation assets.
The Division has established a standard code of conducts on health, safety, environment and quality that includes prioritizing safety in all operations, making ceaseless efforts to achieve zero occupational accidents, and creating a culture that puts safety first. We establish and implement appropriate health, safety, environment, and quality management systems in coordination with our operating companies and other relevant parties.
We have also established the Integrity Management Application (IMA) as concrete guidelines for the execution of the standard code of conducts. Through education and other means we are working to ensure that the IMA is understood and implementation is enforced by all relevant personnel within and outside the Power Business Division.

In the Power Business Division, we work to ensure project safety by emphasizing a risk-based approach with a target of zero occupational accidents. This entails continuous improvement via a PDCA cycle that identifies, evaluates, manages and monitors risk. Specifically, we work together with people on the project side to achieve targets by identifying project safety risks through visits by safety management experts at sites where we manage power generation assets, through audits conducted by the Power Business Division, among other means, by promoting risk reduction from the project side, and managing the progress of improvement plans.

We audit new and existing projects in terms of both systematic and implementation aspects, making reference to our Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Management Systems to evaluate appropriate response to risk in accordance with business scale and operations. The audits look at items such as initiatives to reduce occupational accidents, operation risk assessments, appropriate investigation of accidents and implementation of prevention measures, and emergency response drills.

In addition to site visits and audits, we strive to inculcate a culture of prioritizing safety throughout the Group. These efforts include holding forums for sharing safety initiatives, distributing safety-related study materials about accidents to relevant personnel at operating companies, and presenting safety awards to projects that implement outstanding safety measures.

The Power Business Division will continue striving to achieve zero accidents by steadily implementing and continuously improving its management systems based on the standard code of conducts on health, safety, environment, and quality. Through these efforts we will meet the expectations and demands of customers and society, and contribute to the economic growth of countries throughout the world, as well as development of local communities.

Initiatives for Improving the Marubeni Group Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Based on the Marubeni Group Basic Policy on Occupational Health and Safety, Marubeni is taking various measures to continuously improve the occupational health and safety management system throughout the Marubeni Group.

1. Seminars for Marubeni Group Human Resources Managers

Seminars are held for human resources managers of Marubeni Group Companies to share information and updates on human resources and labor management in general, including occupational health and safety.
First meeting (August 2020): Information sharing on COVID-19 response in the workplace and mental healthcare for employees under COVID-19 and remote working were the themes of the meeting (approximately 100 participants from 50 Group Companies).
Second meeting (November 2020): Held on the theme of labor management, including work-related accidents, health and safety, etc., in relation to working styles after COVID-19 (approximately 140 participants from 53 Group Companies).

2. HR Support Desk

We have established a consultation service for Marubeni Group Companies on general human resources and labor management issues, including occupational health and safety, providing advice and sharing Marubeni's human resources-related rules and regulations and operational know-how (approximately 200 consultations per year).
We also provide information and alert personnel in charge of human resources matters at Marubeni Group Companies in Japan regarding changes to laws related to human resources and labor affairs, including occupational health and safety.

3. Sharing of Know-how on Occupational Health and Safety and Human Resources Management

We share information with human resources managers at Marubeni Group Companies to improve their expertise in occupational health and safety and human resources management, including the latest information on occupational health and safety, occupational physicians and external providers of stress checks.

4. Periodic self-assessment and audit of compliance with laws and regulations on occupational health and safety at Marubeni Group Companies

We check the status of compliance at Marubeni Group companies with labor laws and regulations, as well as confirming health check-up reports relating to occupational health and safety, and, in case of occupational accidents, accident reports.

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Status

A number of Marubeni Group companies have acquired OHSAS 18001 certification. OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, a management system for managing occupational health and safety risks, stipulates requirements for continuously improving performance. The system prescribes a series of processes: setting an occupational health and safety policy, establishing targets and action plans, evaluating initiatives taken to achieve the targets, and improving on them. Of the 2,372 operation sites covered by the “Sustainability Survey” etc., with aggregated data as of the end of March 2020, 23 operation sites that account for 1.0% (5 of 453 Marubeni Group companies, or 1.1%, had acquired certification). By continuing to encourage acquisition of the certification within the Group, and thereby ensuring due consideration for occupational health and safety, we are working toward creating an organization where each employee can achieve their full potential with a view to increasing corporate value.