SocialHuman Resources Strategy

Marubeni HR Ecosystem

For Marubeni, we regard human capital as our most valuable asset. This is the thinking behind the “Marubeni Group HR Strategy” in GC2021. The goal is to create a “Marubeni HR Ecosystem” that promotes the involvement of every single Marubeni Group employee in creating new value as part of the “Global Crossvalue Platform”.

The key terms here are “Human Capital with High Social Value”, “Diversity & Inclusion” and a “ Company Culture to Foster a Sense of Purpose & Connection”. The “Marubeni HR Ecosystem” is a place where “Human Capital with High Social Value” create new value, the “Diversity & Inclusion” of our human capital increases our value creation power, and a “Culture for Indivisualsʼ Development and Productivity” provides for open innovation to bring together internal and external ideas – this is what we aim to build.

In order to achieve this, we are proposing and implementing various policies and measures such that we can strongly align our management strategies and HR systems, construct policies and programs to develop diverse human capital and create a cohesive environment that goes beyond the boundaries of companies and organizations.

Marubeni Group HR Strategy