SocialHuman Resource Development

Basic Policy

In order to train individuals who can succeed globally, human resource development is being enhanced through both On the Job Training (main focus), as well as Off the Job Training (supporting function).
For On the Job Training, assignment initiatives are being implemented, including promotion of field experience and recommendations for overseas assignments of young staff early in their careers to develop professionalism.
For Off the Job Training, a review of the company-wide training system was conducted starting in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017. As a result, the Marubeni Global Academy (MGA) has been improved and enhanced as the support function to achieve the Marubeni Group human resources strategy. Implementing the MGA programs on a global Group level will help to promote self-improvement efforts of employees and to raise the personnel level of the entire Marubeni Group.

Marubeni Global Academy

Marubeni Global Academy


Marubeni Global Academy 2017 organization chart


Data for Employee Capacity Building

  FYE 3/2018 FYE 3/2019 FYE 3/2020
Number of training participants per year 4,949 4,708 4,326
Total number of training days per year 9,301 days 10,697 days 9,774 days
Total training hours per year 68,000 hours 78,000 hours 71,000 hours
Annual training hours per employee 16 hours 18 hours 16 hours

*Data for training programs run by the Human Resouces Division and Business Groups in the past three years

Self Learning Support System

A system to support the self learning efforts of employees has been introduced to further encourage the motivation of employees to pursue self learning. Support is provided for obtaining official certifications like SME Consultant or Certified Public Accountant, as well as for the remote learning of languages and other skills.