ISO 26000 Reference


Marubeni’s approaches which you can find on our website are listed according to the seven core subjects of ISO26000.

Core Subjects Issues Marubeni's Efforts
Organizational Governance To Our Stakeholders
Marubeni Management Philosophy
Mid-Term Management Plan
Corporate Governance
Message from the President & CEO
Our Way to Sustainability
Human Rights Due diligence
Human rights risk situations
Avoidance of complicity
Resolving grievances
Discrimination and vulnerable groups
Civil and political rights
Economic, social and cultural rights
Fundamental principles and rights at work
Respect for Human Rights
Compliance Manual
Identification and review process of material issues in Marubeni’s sustainability
Basic Supply Chain Sustainability Policy
Sustainability Initiatives through our Business
Survey on Supply Chain CSR
Relationship with Labor Union
Labor Practices Employment and employment relationships
Conditions of work and social protection
Social dialogue
Health and safety at work
Human development and training in the workplace
Human Resources Strategy
Human Resource Development
Work Environment for Diverse Individuals
Promotion of Work-Life Balance
Communication with Employees
Employee Data
[Independent Assurance Report]
Scope #06 Rehabilitating Angolan textile factories
The Environment Prevention of pollution
Sustainable resource use
Climate change mitigation and adaptation
Protection of the environment, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats
Environmental Policy and Systems
Environmental Initiatives
Environmental Data
[Independent Assurance Report]
Energy Conservation, Natural Resource Conservation, and Waste Reduction Activities
Reduction in Environmental Impact of Transport
Climate Change Measures
Sustainable Production and Consumption
Scope #01 SmartestEnergy
Scope #02 Marubeni-Komatsu; Constructing the UK’s future
Scope #04 North Pacific Seafoods; Delivering Alaska Wild Fish to Dinner Tables Across the Globe
Scope #16 Mibugawa Electric Power, Tsuruga Greenpower
Scope #13 Agrovista
Fair Operating Practices Anti-corruption
Responsible political involvement
Fair competition
Promoting social responsibility in the value chain
Respect for property rights
Compliance Manual
Basic Supply Chain Sustainability Policy
Sustainability Initiatives through our Business
Survey on Supply Chain CSR
Consumer Issues Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practices
Protecting consumers' health and safety
Sustainable consumption
Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution
Consumer data protection and privacy
Access to essential services
Education and awareness
Compliance Manual
Basic Supply Chain Sustainability Policy
Disclosure Policy and IR Policy
Privacy Policy
Social Media Account Terms of Use
Scope #03 Mertens; Making crops safer, healthier and more plentiful in the Netherlands
Scope #14 PLM Trailer Leasing
Community Involvement and Development Community involvement
Education and culture
Employment creation and skills development
Technology development and access
Wealth and income creation
Social investment
Basic Policy and System for Social Contribution Activities
Social Welfare
International Exchange
Career Education
Great East Japan Earthquake Initiatives to Aid Recovery Efforts
Employee Volunteer Activities
Scope #05 Marubeni Educational Fund in Vietnam; Young Vietnamese Students Chase Dreams with Marubeni Scholarships