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Communication between Management and Employees

At Marubeni, internal exchange meetings are regularly held with the aim of encouraging communication between co-workers and between management and employees, to create a greater sense of unity. In the fiscal year ended March 2018, a total of 9 meetings were held. By continuing to provide opportunities for direct dialog between management and employees, we will energize and deepen the communication within the company.

Employee Awareness Survey

Marubeni periodically conducts an employee awareness survey to promote the development of even better systems and initiatives by incorporating feedback from employees. The results of the most recent survey conducted in December 2014, which had a response rate of around 90%, showed a greater number of positive responses on the whole compared with the previous survey in 2012. In particular, respondents gave strong positive responses to the statements “I feel proud to work at Marubeni” and “Marubeni offers opportunities for personal growth through experience.” These results demonstrate that pride in working for Marubeni and opportunities for growth are well above the national average. While continuing to build on the strengths identified by the survey results, Marubeni strives to address issues by making improvements through various policies.

Relationship with Labor Union

The Marubeni Employees’ Union was established in 1949. As of December 31, 2017, it has 2,657 members, or about 60% of our employees. The Company and the Marubeni Employees’ Union share common goals, namely to improve the prosperity of the company and the socioeconomic status of the employees. Both parties respect each other’s positions and engage in sincere dialogue in order to build good labor-management relations. In FY2017, 15 meetings were held, including management-union discussions with the President and other senior management members, and various collective bargaining and committee meetings. In addition, the company and the Marubeni Employees’ Union actively promote joint activities for the introduction and implementation of systems and measures related to the development of the working environment.

Keita Uematsu, Chairman of the Marubeni Employees’ Union
Keita Uematsu, Chairman of the Marubeni Employees’ Union
From the Marubeni Employees’ Union

The Marubeni Employees’ Union aims to foster a company environment where each employee of the Marubeni Group can perform to their potential, and both the company and employees can nurture sustainable growth. To achieve this, the company’s most important asset is “human resources”; our people are the ones who create additional value, which is built on a foundation of continuous effort and desire to make Marubeni better by each management member and employee. The Marubeni Employees’ Union seeks total optimization in solving issues.
This is done through various dialogs such as management-union round-table talks to connect individuals across organizational units on all management issues concerning the whole company, and aggregating company-wide information and various values, then making proposals to the company. At the same time, by expanding the network among employee unions that share the same issues and awareness, we aim to become an organization that plays a leading role for a company capable of offering value to the whole society.