Train Supply Contract for Venezuelan Railways

Oct. 10. 2012
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter Marubeni) in collaboration with Nippon Sharyo, Ltd. (hereinafter Nippon Sharyo) and Toshiba Corporation (hereinafter Toshiba) received an order from Venezuelan Railways (Instituto Ferrocarriles del Estado) to supply 13 train sets consisting of 52 cars for the Caracas suburban railway. Toshiba is responsible for the electric control equipment while Nippon Sharyo is to manufacture and assemble the cars. The contract is to supply the complete cars within 30 months.

Following two previous order contracts in 1992 and 2004 from Venezuelan Railways, Marubeni, as a member of an international consortium with Italian and Venezuelan companies, already provided 13 train sets (consisting of 52 cars) for the suburban 42 km railroad connecting the capital Caracas with the satellite city Cua. The railroad started commercial operation in 2006 and the cars were manufactured by Nippon Sharyo and Toshiba. Marubeni also provided equipment for the car maintenance factory and rail yard, signaling and telecommunication equipment, service-related station facilities and spare parts. This project is to supply additional 13 train sets for the same railroad. Marubeni’s high level of competence in equipment procurement, project management and financial arrangement, as well as Nippon Sharyo and Toshiba’s excellence in design and technological advances were highly valued by the customer and led to the additional order.

This project is expected to alleviate chronic traffic jams in Caracas and significantly improve the passenger transportation capacity of Venezuelan Railways. As the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is now implementing its 13,000km National Railway Network Development Plan, Marubeni, taking advantage of its previous experience, is aiming to obtain new railroad contracts in the future and contribute to the economical development of the country.

<<Artists impression of proposed Caracas suburban railway>>