Marubeni awarded Gas Turbine Overhaul for existing Combined Cycle Power Plant in Myanmar

Jul. 10. 2012
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) has been awarded a Gas Turbine Overhaul for Ywama Combined Cycle Power Plant in Myanmar from Myanma Electric Power Enterprise (“MEPE”). The parts associated with this overhaul will be supplied by Hitachi, Limited. (“Hitachi”).

Marubeni has drawn its attention on the potentiality of development of the Myanmar market, and has contributed to the further development of the economy by establishing infrastructure such as power plants. Marubeni also opened a liaison office in Naypyitaw in January 2012, in addition to the branch office in Yangon, with the aim of close follow-up of business in Myanmar.

Marubeni’s supply record of power plants in Myanmar includes the Baluchang Hydro Power Plant and the Ywama/Tharkayta/Ahlone/Hlawga Combined Power Plants located adjacent to the Yangon area, which mostly cover its power demands. Marubeni’s competitiveness and highly-reputable presence supported by their supply record of power plants for more than fifty years in this market, together with the superior technologies of Hitachi, led to this award.

Ywama Combined Cycle Power Plant was built by Marubeni in 2005, and the overhaul work utilizing the spare parts to be supplied under this project will result in an improvement of reliability of electricity supply as well as recovery of electricity loss by approximately 34,000 kW, while contributing a stable supply of electricity to the people of Myanmar and enhancing the country’s infrastructure. Moreover, this project is the first power project in Myanmar since civilian rule was newly established in March, 2011.

In Myanmar, a rehabilitation program of existing Combined Cycle Power Plants as well as the construction of new power plants has been proposed. Marubeni, with its strong presence in this market, intends to actively pursue further opportunities in various power plant projects.


<Summary of Gas Turbine Overhaul for Ywama Combined Cycle Power Plant>

Project Name : Gas Turbine Overhaul for Ywama Combined Cycle Power Plant
Client : Myanma Electric Power Enterprise (“MEPE”)
Fund : Self-funded by MEPE

Scope : Supply of parts necessary for Gas Turbine overhaul work
Location : Ywama district (approx. 20 km north-west of Yangon)
Manufacturer : Hitachi, Limited. (Japan)

<Summary of MEPE>

Foundation : In 2006 (established under Ministry of Electric Power No. (2))
Representative : Mr. Kin Maung Soe, Managing Director
Generation Capacity : Approx. 706 MW (approx. 11% of the total generation capacity in Myanmar)
Business : Construction/Possession/Operation of Gas-Fired power plants and transmission lines