Equity Acquisition in APT Allgas Energy Pty Ltd

Dec. 14. 2011
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (Marubeni) is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire a 40% equity interest in APT Allgas Energy Pty Ltd (Allgas), a wholly owned subsidiary of the APA Group in Australia. RREEF Infrastructure (RREEF), a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG also acquired a 40% equity stake in Allgas, resulting in an Allgas equity structure of Marubeni 40%, RREEF 40%, and APA 20%.

APA is a major energy company involved in the ownership, operation and management of gas pipelines and gas distribution networks throughout Australia. Marubeni’s relationship with the APA Group commenced in 2008 with an investment into a portfolio of gas pipelines, and power generation and transmission assets, expanding into a wind farmt in 2009. Through its interest in Allgas, Marubeni will become the first Japanese Corporation to participate in the gas distribution network business in Australia.

The Allgas distribution network is located in South East Queensland, an area that includes Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The network serves a region with one of Australia’s fastest growing populations, where there is expected to be a corresponding increase in energy requirements. The Allgas acquisition represents Marubeni’s second major infrastructure investment in this region, following the decision to invest into the Gold Coast Rapid Transit Light Rail PPP project as part of the GoldLinQ consortium in February this year, and is an indication of Marubeni’s confidence in the future of the South East Queensland region.

Marubeni is committed to ensuring the success of the Allgas distribution business, and will continue to contribute to development of the Australian energy infrastructure industry through further expansions to its energy portfolio in Australia.


< Allgas Distribution Networks >

<Allgas assets>

Distribution volume 10.5 PJ/year
Total length Delivery pipelines 2,475 km, High-pressure pipelines 468km
Number of deliveries 80,763(number of houses distributed by Allgas: 674,700, Penetration rate:12 %)
Related facilities Gate Station(pressure control facility)12 places


<Company Profile>

Name: RREEF Infrastructure
Location: Europe, North America, Singapore, Australia
Founded: 1994
Capital: Undisclosed
Business Outline: Investment in Gas distribution (UK), LNG terminal (Spain), Airport, Port
Largest Shareholders:Deutsche Bank AG 100%

Name: APT Allgas Energy Pty Ltd
Location: Queensland, Australia
Founded: 2006 (Initiated in 1969)
Capital: AU$234 million
Founded: 1994
Business Outline: Gas distribution in Queensland, Australia

Name:APA Group
Location:New South Wales, Australia
Business Outline:
Ownership, operation and management of gas pipelines, gas processing plants, a gas-fired power station, gas storage facilities, power transmission lines, etc.
Largest Shareholders:Petronas Australia Pty Ltd 17%