Acquisition 100% Ownership of Grain Export Elevator in Brazil

Nov. 25. 2011
Marubeni Corporation

 Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter “Marubeni”) acquires the balance of the shares of Terlogs Terminal Maritimo Ltda. (hereinafter “Terlogs”), which has been operated as a grain export elevator in the port of Sao Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.  It is the first time in the grain history for a Japanese firms to gain 100% ownership of a grain export elevator in Brazil.

 In year of 2005, Marubeni first acquired 25.5% shares of Terlogs as Brazil was becoming an important grain supplying country.  Furthermore, the grain demand from China & Southeast Asia has been significantly increasing recently, and to keep up supplying grains to those countries, it was urgently needed for Marubeni to strengthen the grain supplying ability from Brazil, which has the best potential for increasing grain production & exports.  After acquiring 100% ownership of Terlogs, Marubeni will strengthen it’s already established relationship with firms that have their own inland-procuring channels and will develop together on inland-procuring system. 
Marubeni will also improve the operation of the export elevator to be more efficient in cooperation with the Brazilian company Litoral Solucoes em Comercio Exterior, a major port service supplier and logistics expert in southern Brazil.  By this additional acquisition, Marubeni will definitely strengthen its worldwide grain network.
 Marubeni accomplished the handling volume of 20 mil metric tons of grains in the year of 2010, and by handling more Brazilian grains after this acquisition, Marubeni’s goal for 2012 is 25 mil metric tons.


Name : Terlogs Terminal Maritimo Ltda.
Address   : Sao Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, BRAZIL
Foundation  : December in 2001
Business : Storage/loading/unloading of cargo in bulk (grain, fertilizer, etc.)


Name : Litoral Solucoes em Comercio Exterior Ltda.
Address : Sao Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, BRAZIL
Foundation  : 1988
Business  : Storage/loading/unloading of cargo in bulk (grain, fertilizer, 
  etc.)/Shipping agency/Port operation/Customs Clearance