The Impact on our operations by the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake and our support towards the afflicted areas

Mar. 14. 2011
Marubeni Corporation

   We would like to express our deepest condolences for all those that lost their lives as a result
of the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake.  
At the same time, we wish for the earliest recovery of the region and the safety of the residents.

   We would like to inform you that the employees of the Marubeni Tohoku Branch and Marubeni
Group Companies are all safe and unharmed at the moment.   Immediately after the earthquake,
we established "Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake" Emergency Task Force at our headquarters
in Tokyo, which will continue to confirm the safety of employees.

   We would also like to express our gratitude towards the many warm messages we received. 

   We are prepared to do everything we can to assist and aid our partners and those who have
been afflicted by this disaster.   At this time, the Marubeni Group has decided to donate
400 million yen to assist in the recovery of the afflicted areas.