Marubeni invests in Major Australian Water Treatment Engineering Company, Osmoflo Holdings Pty Ltd.

Feb. 17. 2011
Marubeni Corporation

We, Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter referred to as  "Marubeni") hereby agreed with the existing shareholder and executed the Transaction Documents for the acquisition of 40% share of Osmoflo Holdings Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Osmoflo"), the Australian water treatment engineering company for desalination and industrial water.

Osmoflo was established at Adelaide in Australia in 1991 and has installed around 300 water treatment plants for both domestic and international markets and currently operates around 200 water treatment plants.
Osmoflo’s strength is in the field of desalination and industrial water treatment utilizing membrane technology, such as Reverse Osmosis.  Especially, Osmoflo has the largest market share of the industrial water treatment market in Australia, where the mining development and the oil and gas (including CSG) development are booming.

Marubeni will position Osmoflo as the strategic "core" company for desalination and industrial water treatment field in Australia and internationally and promote the projects together with Osmoflo all over the world especially in the rich natural resources countries including Latin America and the area of Middle East and China where the demand of the desalination projects will increase in the short time.

Marubeni also expect Osmoflo will expand the business activities through the collaboration with our other water companies, such as Aguas Nuevas (Chile) and Anhui Guozhen (China) and the involvement in the water projects which will be initiated and developed by Marubeni's other business group including the Power Generation business group and Energy and Natural Resources Development business group.

Marubeni positions Water Business as the one of the most important business sector, and targets the entry into the world's Top 10 Water Company in 3 years.

<<Outline of Osmoflo>>
Establishment:       1991
Location:                Adelaide, Australia
Managing Director:  Mr. Marcus John Fabig
No. of Employee:    Around 150
Shareholders:         Shine Investments Pty Ltd. 60%, Marubeni Group 40%