Conclusion of Agreement with China's Largest Grain Trading Company Concerning Export of Chinese Wheat for Japanese Flour Industry

Jun. 07. 2010
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (Marubeni hereafter) agreed to work exclusively with China's largest grain trading company, COFCO Limited (COFCO hereafter). concerning export of Chinese milling wheat to Japan and concluded the comprehensive tie-up agreement.

To ensure stable grain supply, which becomes more and more difficult due to global expansion of demand for grain, Marubeni is strategically expanding supply sources in food resource producer countries.  Marubeni regards China as one of the most important regions because the country is the world’s leading producer of grain and has a great possibility to become a future supplier of food wheat to Japan and we will focus on development there.

Now, we signed an exclusive agreement with COFCO, China's dominant grain trading company, concerning export of wheat to Japanese flour industry.  We will ensure stable supply of grain to Japan by strengthening our efforts.  In supplying China's wheat to Japanese flour industry, we are aiming for stable wheat supply to Japan by combining our marketing and logistics power to Japan and COFCO's wheat origination in China.

Marubeni has been making efforts to expand supply sources in food resource producer countries including North America, South America, Russia's eastern shore, and Europe.  We still focus on expansion of grain trade around the world aiming to ensure stable supply of grain to Japan, the world's leading grain import country.

COFCO Limited.
Name         : COFCO Limited.
Chairman    : Mr. Ning Gaoning
Business    : COFCO is China's leading food and oil importer and exporter, and one of 
                    its largest food manufacturers. It boasts outstanding achievements in the 
                    trade of agricultural products, biological energy development, food 
                    processing, real estate, property management, hotel operation, financial 
                    services and other areas closely related to people's life.
Location      : Beijing
Foundation  : 1949