The Conclusion of a Collaboration Agreement with a French Logistics Company who Owns Largest Silo Capacity in Europe

May. 11. 2010
Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter called “Marubeni”) has concluded a collaboration agreement with Senalia Union (hereinafter called “Senalia”), a French logistics company in Rouen who owns largest silo capacity in Europe, and its silos are the only designated silos of NYSE Euronext Paris (European futures market).
Senalia and Marubeni have agreed to build a partnership in order to expand exports of French grains from port Rouen which is the largest grain outport in Europe

Marubeni, in cooperation with Senalia, aims to supply competitive grains by establishing throughout procurement and distribution system which includes collecting grains from inland, logistics control, storage and exports.

In this agreement, Senalia and Marubeni have committed each other on the following terms, in order to secure origination which is becoming more and more of a challenge and to increase sales to Asia, North Africa and Middle East regions.

1.  To jointly market French grains to the above mentioned regions.
2.  To establish a joint venture in order to expand the sales.
3.  To jointly handle French grains with a volume of up to 600 thousand tons per year

Marubeni has carried out a strategic project on enhancing supply source in the world’s major grain producing countries such as North America, South America and East Russia.
Marubeni will continue to focus on ensuring grain procurement in various countries, and also
aims to secure stable supply to Japan, one of the largest grain importers in the world.

Main office : 26, rue de Valize, 28000 Chartres, France
Capital  : about 8.7 million euros
Net Asset : about 69.4 million euros
Storage capacity : about 800 thousand tons
Grain handling quantity : about 7 million tons per year
Grain export quantity : about 4 million tons per year (55% of the total export from port Rouen)