Chemical & Forest Products GroupForest Products Division

Major Products and Areas

  • Wood chips and biomass fuel
  • Pulp and waste paper
  • Paper and paperboard
  • Building & construction materials such as plywood and cement

Our Strengths

Wide-ranging businesses related to paper pulp

Marubeni is conducting various businesses ranging from tree planting, manufacturing of pulp, and manufacturing and trading of paper products. Also, in the biomass fuel business which is expected to have increasing demand, Marubeni will strengthen its efforts in the sales of Vietnamese pellets.

Tree planting business in three countries

Tree planting business (Indonesia)
Tree planting business (Indonesia)

Marubeni has been conducting its tree planting business since the 1990s, and is now controlling four projects in three countries, which have 210,000 hectares of land for planting trees. Cut and processed chips are used as paper-manufacturing materials. Marubeni will continue to focus on securing renewable wooden resources which will continue to be re-valued in the future.

Domestic Containerboard Manufacturing Business & Overseas Expansion

Koa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Koa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

As demand continues to grow in Asia, Marubeni considers the packaging business to be an area of top importance.
Domestically, we manage and operate Koa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (located in Fuji City) and Fukuyama Paper Co., Ltd. (located in Osaka City); our strength is our unique combination of manufacturing and distribution into one discipline. Marubeni makes use this strength in expanding our business domain in the growing markets of many Asian countries.