Transportation & Industrial Machinery GroupAutomotive & Leasing Division

Major Products and Areas

  • Mobility service related projects
  • Export and offshore trading of automobiles and motorcycles
  • Automobile import & sales agents and dealerships
  • Retail finance for automobiles and motorcycles
  • New and after-market automobile parts trading business
  • Leasing and non-bank financing business

Our Strengths

Global operation in the automotive and leasing sector

In the automotive sector, we provide overall automobile services across the world, covering car trades, wholesale, retail, auto finance, as well as automotive aftermarket such as parts distribution. In the leasing sector, we conduct leasing/non-banking operations for various products, offering financial solutions to a wide range of customers.

  • Car distributor for Hino Motors (Philippines)
    Car distributor for Hino Motors (Philippines)
  • Car dealership project (U.K.)
    Car dealership project (U.K.)
  • Refrigerated trailer fleet management (U.S.)
    Refrigerated trailer fleet management (U.S.)