Grain Division

[Major Products and Areas]

  • Grains in general (corn, soybeans, wheat, rapeseed, etc.)
  • Feed ingredients (soybean meal, rapeseed meal, fish meal, etc.)
  • Compound feed

Our Strength

Marubeni has the largest trading volume of grain among all of Japan’s sogo shosha, or general trading companies. With a worldwide grain procurement system built through diversified grain originations and global sales network, Marubeni provides a reliable supply of grain at competitive price to the global market where grain demand is increasing as well as to Japan.

Marubeni owns Gavilon Holdings, LLC ("Gavilon"), Columbia Grain, Inc. (“Columbia Grain”), and Pacificor, LLC (“Pacificor”) in the U.S., the largest grain producing and exporting country. The grain is procured by Gavilon and Columbia Grain, and through Pacificor’s shipping facilities, exported to Japan and other countries around the world. These group companies work closely together and realize a stable grain supply.

Marubeni owns Terlogs Terminal Maritimo Ltda. (“Terlogs”) as a subsidiary, which operates grain storage and shipping facilities at the port of Sao Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, in Brazil, which is the second largest producing and exporting country of grain next to the U.S. Terlogs connects the increasing demands of emerging nations such as China and Southeast Asian countries, with the expanding production of Brazil, thereby realizing steady and timely grain exports.

The Marubeni Group has seven grain import silos across Japan including Pacific Grain Terminal Co., Ltd. (“Pacific Grain Terminal”). These import silos enable efficient supply to the neighboring feed plants. Marubeni also invests in the leading oil crushing company, The Nisshin OilliO Group, and provides them oilseeds as a raw material.

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