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  • Food

    The domestic and global manufacture and trade of all food products, including feed grains, soybeans, wheat, sugar, processed foods, beverages, and their related materials, foodstuffs for professional use, and agricultural, seafood & livestock products.

  • Chemicals

    Merchandise a wide variety of products domestically and globally ranging from upstream to downstream, including petrochemicals, electronic materials, specialty chemicals and agricultural chemicals. Marubeni operates a business balanced between investment and trade.

  • Energy

    Trade in a wide variety of energy related products for the domestic and overseas markets, including petroleum and gas. The energy segment operates in all stages of the industry, from upstream centered on raw material development to downstream retail such as gas stations.

  • Metals & Mineral Resources
    Metals & Mineral Resources

    The manufacture, processing, and sale of non-ferrous light metals; trading of raw materials for steels and non-ferrous light metals; the manufacture, processing, and sale of all steel products, including steel sheets, steel pipes, and specialty steel, domestically and overseas; mine development of mineral resources for steels and non-ferrous light metals.

  • Transportation Machinery
    Transportation Machinery

    Trade including exporting, importing, wholesaling, and retailing of transportation related machinery such as aircraft, defense systems, automobiles, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery, domestically and overseas. Additionally, providing a wide variety of services, such as investment, financing, sales financing, leasing, and overseas business assistance.

  • Power Projects & Infrastructure
    Power Projects & Infrastructure

    The operation of electricity and infrastructure related businesses, especially in development, investment in and operation of the following businesses domestically and overseas: power generation (including distilling, cogeneration and wind power generation) business and water supply/sewerage system business; delivery/construction of power generation/transmission/
    transformation facilities and water supply/sewerage-related devices; investment in and financing of new energy related fields.

  • Plant

    The delivery and construction of related equipment and development and operation of projects in the following fields, domestically and overseas; plants for the oil, gas, chemical, environmental, steel, cement, and pulp and paper industries; transportation infrastructure, including railways and airports; industrial machineries including textile machinery, new energy facilities, and automobile production facilities. Environmental projects, including Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

  • Lifestyle & Forest Products
    Lifestyle & Forest Products

    In the lifestyle product field, including apparel and footwear, Marubeni is involved in the entire trading process, such as product planning, manufacturing, importing, wholesaling, branding, consulting, and business investment. In the paper pulp field, Marubeni is involved in manufacturing and selling paper stock, foreign paper and cardboard, participating in tree-planting projects, and selling home building materials.

  • ICT, Finance & Insurance, Real Estate Business
    ICT, Finance & Insurance, Real Estate Business

    Domestically and internationally operates the following businesses: funding, leasing, and trading of financial instruments in the finance field; insurance brokerage in the insurance field; forwarding and logistics center services in the logistics field; data communication networks, BPO business, exporting and third-country trading of communication/broadcasting/
    information systems in the information industry field; the condominium business, asset management, overseas real estate development, leasing, brokering, and mediation in the real estate field.

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